Performance Improvement

Change management.

Transformational strategies. 

Better branding and marketing.

Organizational clarity and alignment. 

Business leaders and their teams need swift response to market demands and internal challenges. As a leader one key approach is to tap into outside resources and experience to gain insight and support. Businesshive offers the opportunity to respond quickly and with creative solutions. 

David Carrithers, Managing Partner and “Chief Beekeeper”  707-484-3620

How We Help

We work with individuals, teams and boards with:

★ One-on-one executive coaching and support.

★ Team alignment and performance improvement.

★ Sales and marketing revenue growth.

★ Digital and social media marketing.

★ Branding, strategy, development planning.

★ Mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures.

★ Start-up planning and launch.

★ Business turn around and/or sell-off, and exit strategy planning.

Markets & Industries Supported

Federal & State Government, 8A/ANC, Commercial, Business to Business, Business to Consumer, Nonprofits, Charities, and Associations.

  • Payments (prepaid, credit, closed-loop, open loop, e-commerce, points, debit), Currency Conversion,
  • Rewards, Loyalty, Engagement Programs, Incentives, Sales Incentives
  • Venture Capital, Angel Investors, Private Equity, Family Owned, Privately Owners, OEM, Distributors, Brokers, Re-sellers, VAR, Public Traded Businesses
  • Start-ups, Next Level Growth, Corp Divisions, Turn Around, Business/Product Reboot, Joint Ventures, Mergers & Acquisitions, Exit Strategy, Sell Off, Shut Down, Asset Undertaker
  • Association, Non-Profit, Charity, Public Benefit Corp, Society start up, launch, development, fundraising, turn around or shut down

Technical Products, Technology Development, Chemicals, Agriculture, Cryogenics, Food Distribution, Semiconductor and Electronics Manufacturing, Office Equipment, Fundraising, Cooperative Purchasing Groups, Construction, Facilities.