Payment Technologies

Credit, Debit, Pre-Paid, Stored-Value, Currency Conversation, Virtual Currencies, Loyalty, Rewards, Engagement Programs/Products

David Carrithers researched, developed, worked on the following:

2018-2019 AI Payment Systems 1000 Verification Points Payment System
2016-2017 DNA Based Secured Payment Network
2016-2017 Gold/ Precious Metals Backed Prepaid Card
2015-2016 Moneycorp / Tempus International Currency Conversion Platform
2015-2014 Casino Loyalty Points Reward Program
2013-2015 Xingley Email Based Payment System
2012-2013 Gift Card Pooling / Combination Platform
2012-2014 Capital One Spark Card Business Rewards & Discount Program
2012-2014 FNBO Business Rewards Credit Card Program
2013-2014 AchieveLinks Visa UMB Business Credit Card
2011-2014 AAHOA Association AchieveLinks Visa Credit Card
2011-2014 US Soybean Association AchieveLinks Visa Credit Card
2012-2014 AchieveLinks Visa UMB Consumer Credit Card
2011-2013 AchieveLinks Seasonal Rewards & Bonus Earnings Catalog
2010-2014 Association Member Rewards Program Platform
2010-2014 AchieveLinks Loyalty Point Bank System/Rewards Platform
2010-2014 Web Merchant Buying / Rewards Affiliate Program
2010-2014 Gift Bridge Gift Card & Pre-paid Platform
2010-2014 Charity Rewards – Points To Donations Conversation
2007-2009 Pay Yourself First American Express Savings/Debit Card Program
2006-2007 Clayton MO Card Credit/Stored-Value Payment & Rewards Program
2004-2006 Partners In Performance Construction Reward Program
2005-2009 eMoneta Loyalty Currency
2003-2004 Mall Card Payment & Issuance System / Pre-paid Card
2002-2003 Community Private Currency – Stored-Value/ Pre-paid Card
2002-2003 Universal Gift Pre-Paid Certificate & Card – Fundraising
2002-2003 Automated Gift Card/Pre-paid Fulfillment System
2002 DoD Commissary Pre-paid Card
2002-2003 Pre-paid Multi-Merchant Gift Card System Issuance & Interface Platform
2002-2003 Super Gift Card (Web/Card Platform) Pre-paid
2003 Time Warner Magazine Subscription Card Program – Prepaid
2002-2003 NFC Canadian Fundraising Loyalty Gift Card Program
2002-2003 Super Scrip Multi Merchant American Express Pre-paid Card
2002-2003 Incentives With A Heart – Multi Merchant B2B / Funds To Charity
2002-2003 Gas Card American Express Prepaid All Fuel Brands Donation Card
2002-2003 Costco American Express Prepaid Card – Donation To Charity
2002-2003 Seton Fundraising Visa Credit Card With Select Merchant Bonus
2002-2003 Baby Mint MasterCard Credit Card – Promotional Plan
2002-2003 Bank One Credit Card Points Conversion To Donations
2002-2003 MBNA Affinity Card Fundraising Program
2002-2003 Card Scrip MasterCard Credit Card – Fundraising Program
2000-2001 Access Control Technologies – Debit/Prepaid Card Platform
2000 eMaritz – Reward/Incentive Product Review & Recommendations
2000 Instant Incentive – Virtual Awards Card American Express
2000 – SuperCert
2000-2001 WebMiles Loyalty Program – At POS In Store Tracking Card
2000-2001 WebMiles Loyalty Program – White Label Assessment For VC
2000-2001 iCard Systems – Debit/ Prepaid Issuance Platform
1998-2001 Praise Points Loyalty Platform & Card Program
1999-2000 800 Gift Certificates – B2B Program Development
1999-2000 ITA Performance One Visa Debit Card
1998-2000 e-blity Employee & Sales Reward Management Platform
1996-1998 Barter & Trade Tracking / Trading Platform and Card
1995-2000 Virtual Awards – American Express Web Based Payment Currency
1998-2000 Filler Up American Express Prepaid Gas Card
1998-2000 Encompass Select Spend Prepaid Card American Express
1998-2000 Canadian Persona Debit Card American Express
1998-2000 Encompass Debit Card American Express
1998-2000 Preferences Select Prepaid Card American Express
1997-2000 American Express Corp Gift Cheques Retooling / Re-launch
1997-2000 Persona Select Prepaid Card American Express
1997-2000 Persona Debit Card American Express
1997-1998 Progressive Insurance Select Payment Prepaid Card Body Shop Partners
1997-1998 Progressive Insurance Instant Claim Payment Prepaid Card
1998 Awarded U.S. Patent Prepaid/Stored Value Cards Gift Cards/Payment Cards
1996-2000 American Express Incentive Services – International Strategy
1996-1997 First Consumer Packaging Design – Prepaid Cards First Data
1996-2000 Development Lead Of American Express Debit /Stored Value/ Prepaid Platform
1996-1997 Lead Launch Of Business All Aspects – American Express Incentive Services
1996-1997 Lead Development Interim Debit/Prepaid Processing System – American Express
1997 Awarded US Patent Prepaid /Stored Value Cards For Loyalty/Rewards/Incentives
1996 Authored 10 Year Operating Agreement American Express Incentive Service
1995-2000 Preferences Debit Card – American Express & MasterCard Versions
1995-2000 Co-Founder American Express Incentive Services
1995-1996 Key Member Maritz Negations Team For American Express JV
1994-1996 Back Up Plan For Debit/Prepaid Products – Visa, Value Link, Discover, etc.
1995 Merchant Branded Consumer Payment Network – Eliminate Banks
1995-2003 DataMark Technologies Gift Card & Loyalty Card Purchase Tracking Platform
1994-1996 MasterCard Smart Card Merchant Advisory Board
1995-1996 Canadian Exclusively Yours MasterCard Debit Card
1994 CertSource – Established Business Unit To Sell Gift Cards/Certs Maritz
1994-1996 Reward Catalogs Maritz – Print/Web
1994 -1995 Formation of Individual Awards Division (IAD) Maritz
1994 Exclusively Yours Gold MasterCard
1994-2000 Exclusively Yours Debit Card – MasterCard and American Express
1993-2000 Your Choice Prepaid Card – MasterCard and American Express
1994-2000 1000+ Custom Debit and Stored Value Cards – MasterCard and American Express
1993-1996 International Reward Strategy Maritz
1993-1994 Boatmen’s Bank/MasterCard Development of First Prepaid Cards
1993 Lifestyle Select – Travel & Discount Merchandise Certificate Product
1993 Marriott Reward Certificates
1993-1996 Exclusively Yours Cheques – Private Currency
1993-1996 Certificate Management Software (SAM)
1990-1993Employee Engagement Programs – Rich Products, Diebold, Good Year, Xerox, AT&T, etc.
1990-2019 Over 2000 Award Point/ Loyalty/ Engagement /Sales Incentive/ Reward Programs
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