Engagement Program Pit Fall #3

Timing – “What is your favorite snack?” to “What is our competition offering that we are not?” to “How do we drive shareholder value in the next quarter?” I have seen businesses ask these questions and more all in the first hours of launching an engagement program. The need to pace what, how and when engagement programs reach out and attempt to gather information is key. If there is a flood of requests, questions and surveys in time the audience being requested to respond gets worn out. Survey burnout can happen quickly.

Challenge:  With any new tool there can be the desire to use it and use it and use it again. Senior management can become addicted to the idea of reaching out and gaining input, feedback and trends over and over again. With each reach out, if not paced correctly, the desire to respond becomes less. In time management see’s the engagement tool as “not working” and they can abandon it. At the same time senior management feels like they need to use the engagement system as much as possible to get a return on their investment.

Solution: Pace the interactions and put a calendar together that shows when and what type of interaction will take place. Break the 12-month calendar down into weeks and what will be asked when. Pace the interactions by season, by quarter promotion, by daily buzz. The act of planning out what will become regular requests for input to spurn of the moment and/or market activities allows for the feeling of timely interactions vs random and overwhelming reach outs. As stated earlier, in addition to asking for input via a well planned and professionally developed engagement program make sure you are sharing information back to the base you are engaging with. 

Plan the interactions out, think before sending and gain alignment of what type of interaction and engagement you are looking at.

Since an early age David Clay has been on the move.

About David Carrithers: With over 30 years of business and personal development experience he has built a list of clients, skills and positive outcomes for the top brands in the world. His expert support has been applied to business in the government contracting, loyalty, rewards, incentive, technology and payment technologies industries. As the inventor of our modern payment technologies he has learned that all development starts with the people on a team and aligning their skills for the desired results.

David is available to help business leaders, teams and boards evolve to new levels of success through collaboration, alignment and transformational strategies. Reach out today 707-484-3620 https://www.linkedin.com/in/davidcarrithers/

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