Text, Emojis and Email Are Not Relationship Tools

Relationship Check In Moment “232.5 Billion emails are sent and received everyday 72% of them are spam.” People over Technology – while we live in a world of text messages and emails the reality is just shooting off an email or text is not giving the most to the value of the relationship. Texting and … Continue reading Text, Emojis and Email Are Not Relationship Tools

Paul Jarvis on Making Your Business Better, Not Bigger

Originally posted on Own Your Content:
For the last two decades, Paul Jarvis has been building his business differently than what most would attempt: he’s focused on small, not big; better, not bigger; and every detail within his courses, books, essays, and newsletter reflects his thoughtfulness and personality. In short, he lives the ethos of…

Strategy Development

When looking at building a clear understanding of the current state of a business, product and organization it is important to gain the fullest picture possible. Three to five year strategic plans, development plans, marketing and sales plans do not form out of thin air. The effort to gather, review and discuss what is known, … Continue reading Strategy Development

Brand Alignment Is Key

I was recently asked to explain what brand means to an industry group. So I shared some thinking and background on how to look at the importance of branding within the mix of a business or a nonprofit organization. My background includes large brands like American Express, Marriott and MasterCard, along with a large non-profit … Continue reading Brand Alignment Is Key

Fractional CMO/COO/President/CEO

What value David brings to a business?  Growth, Development, Revitalization, Strategic Thinking, Performance Improvement When your business, brand, product or team needs experience in marketing, sales, planning, execution, and operations alignment but you can’t afford 100% of a person look at “renting” the knowledge and experience – fractional support CMO/COO/CEO! My passion is in better … Continue reading Fractional CMO/COO/President/CEO

Engagement Program Pit Fall #3

Timing – “What is your favorite snack?” to “What is our competition offering that we are not?” to “How do we drive shareholder value in the next quarter?” I have seen businesses ask these questions and more all in the first hours of launching an engagement program. The need to pace what, how and when engagement … Continue reading Engagement Program Pit Fall #3