Strategy Development

When looking at building a clear understanding of the current state of a business, product and organization it is important to gain the fullest picture possible. Three to five year strategic plans, development plans, marketing and sales plans do not form out of thin air. The effort to gather, review and discuss what is known, … Continue reading Strategy Development

Brand Alignment Is Key

I was recently asked to explain what brand means to an industry group. So I shared some thinking and background on how to look at the importance of branding within the mix of a business or a nonprofit organization. My background includes large brands like American Express, Marriott and MasterCard, along with a large non-profit … Continue reading Brand Alignment Is Key

Fractional CMO/COO/President/CEO

What value David brings to a business?  Growth, Development, Revitalization, Strategic Thinking, Performance Improvement When your business, brand, product or team needs experience in marketing, sales, planning, execution, and operations alignment but you can’t afford 100% of a person look at “renting” the knowledge and experience – fractional support CMO/COO/CEO! My passion is in better … Continue reading Fractional CMO/COO/President/CEO

Engagement Program Pit Fall

Having been involved in the development and on-going management of over 1,000 employee, sales and consumer loyalty and engagement programs for 30+ years a common pit fall to watch out for: More Than Surveying – Many of the newer apps/tech are focused on surveying the base (whether employees, salespeople or customers) to capture data and user … Continue reading Engagement Program Pit Fall